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Landreneau Physiotherapy,LLC was formed in 2017 by Kevin and Lizzy Landreneau. After graduating PT school in 2012 Kevin and Lizzy were excited to put their newly attained knowledge and skill set to good use. They quickly realized, however, that they were entering into a broken health care system. They grew tired of having to alter their treatment plans and not being able to provide the one on one attention they knew was necessary to ensure the best outcomes. The business began as a mobile business with Kevin making house calls with his equipment and treatment table in tow. Kevin and Lizzy began to see just how amazing the results could be when you really get to take your time and work hands on with your patients. In order to help more people and provide more services they decided it was time to open up a clinic. 

As experts of the musculoskeletal system and movement analysis, we are dedicated to helping people take control of their health.Our specialties include manual therapy, dry needling and movement restoration. Call today to set up your free screening! 




508 Lafayette St Youngsville, LA 70592




7 am – 6pm Weekdays
8 am - 12pm Saturday