Landreneau Physiotherapy, LLC
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Rates & Insurance


Each visit will be a one-on-one session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We utilize a hands-on approach to provide relief to injuries old and new.By choosing to not be in-network with Insurance companies we are able to provide longer sessions and more hands-on care to ensure quicker results.

With rising deductibles and decreased re-imbursement rates in-network clinics are having to overlap patients and use technicians and assistants to provide care. That is why we are choosing to take the out-of-network approach to provide more effective treatment methods to achieve quicker relief.


Initial Evaluation & Treatment                             $125.00

Follow Up Treatment (1 Hour)                             $100.00

Brief Follow Up Treatment (30 min).                    $65.00

All treatments will include dry needling and/or joint manipulation as an option if it is indicated with no extra cost.

Follow ups are on an as needed basis and we do not dictate frequency. We will make recommendations based on severity of injury and individual response to treatment. 

It is up to the patient to choose if they would like a brief follow up (30 minute treatment) versus a more thorough follow up (1 hour treatment).