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Kevin and Lizzy Landreneau both received their Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in 2012. They met at school one month before Kevin was set to graduate and return home to Louisiana. They were married in 2014. They are both passionate about what they do and love to help others achieve their health goals.


Dr. Kevin Landreneau, DPT, MTC

Joint Manipulation

Dry Needling

Myofascial Release

A common misconception among people is that anyone in the Health Care profession, especially a Physical Therapist, would be a model of perfect health and lifestyle choices. The truth is we are all humans and we all have a tendency to stray the path. In January of 2010 Kevin left his home in Louisiana to begin the 3 year process of getting his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in St. Augustine, FL. During that time and the time that followed as a new therapist out of school Kevin was under a lot of stress and his health began to cycle out of control. By the end of 2015 he found himself 30lbs overweight and on 4 different medications at the young age of 30. He was constantly dealing with nagging aches and pains which only added to the bouts of depression that were becoming more and more common.

In 2016, with the encouragement and support of his wife Lizzy, Kevin decided it was time to make a change. He reunited with his old friend Darren and started Gymnastic Strength Training (GST). Every weekday morning he wakes up at 3:45 am and starts his day with meditation and prayer before meeting up with a small, supportive group of men to perform GST exercises.

Kevin's approach to Physical Therapy was revolutionized last year when he attended a Spinal Manipulation Institute Course with it's founder,  Dr James Dunning. Dr. Dunning's thrust manipulation to the upper cervical spine eliminated pain and headaches that he had dealt with for years. He then took Dr. Dunning's Dry Needling courses which also brought great relief to his ailments. At 33 years old he feels that he is stronger and more flexible than ever in his life. Kevin knows personally what it is like to deal with years of sadness, frustration, suffering, and hopelessness associated with chronic pain. He is dedicated to helping others find the relief that he found and sharing his insight into the freedom that manifests when one is free to move.   


Dr. Lizzy Landreneau, DPT

Running Analysis

Sports Injuries

Wellness & Lifestyle 

Prior to getting her Doctorate in Physical Therapy Lizzy played Division II Volleyball for St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas where she majored in Kinesiology. She has a passion for working with athletes and helping people return to doing what they love after injury. 

Lizzy is also an avid runner. Following her collegiate Volleyball career she began to use running as an outlet to replace the void that was left after years of training. She loves dissecting movement patterns. Identifying and correcting errors in running form is her specialty. 

Wellness is also a passion for Lizzy. She loves to help people achieve their wellness goals by developing individualized fitness programs and providing nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. One of her favorite quotes is "With Self-Discipline All things are Possible" by Theodore Roosevelt. She loves to help people achieve self accountability and take control of their health and well-being. 

Lizzy's biggest accomplishment in life is the birth of her two sons, Luke (3) and Drew (1). They push her to be a better person every day. She strives to live as an example to them by taking care of herself and treating others with love and respect. She hopes that they will learn to push themselves past their limit, take chances,  and live their lives as fully as they can.