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Personalized Wellness Training

Strength and mobility training designed for individuals with  a history of musculoskeletal pain and injury provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with expertise in form, movement analysis and wellness.

A solid foundational strength training program is the key missing component for many individuals who have dealt with chronic pain or multiple injuries over their lifetime. The problem for many of these individuals is fear that starting a fitness training program will cause them to either re-injure or irritate a past injury resulting in increased pain and dysfunction.

Strength training is a key component of improving quality of life and reducing risk of re-injury in the future. The window of error for form is smaller in individuals with a history of chronic pain. A Physical Therapist is trained in identifying errors in form and can provide you with the foundational strength training you need to increase your strength and fitness level safely.

$55 for 1 session

$198 for 4 sessions (10% off)

$396 for 8 sessions (15% off)

$594 for 12 sessions (20% 0ff)